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Cheaper than the ER

​​​I am a licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent in the State of Georgia. Prior to helping families protect their love ones with health and life insurance coverage, I owned and operated a medical billing business. In addition to that, I helped with start-up and management of smaller businesses.

While operating my medical billing business, I worked first hand with doctors, insurance companies, and patients.  The one thing that concerned me most in my medical billing profession was when patients were upset or caught by surprised when they received a medical bill.  It was simply a matter of not understanding their insurance policy, their deductible,  their copay,  or even their maximum out of pocket expense.  They also didn’t seem to have a grasp of whether they were using an in-network provider or out of network provider. 

I chose to be an independent agent so that my services are not limited to what I can offer. I love the fact that I can offer my clients more choices and more options. I work with most major carriers and many others that offer many supplemental services.  I have a strong passion for helping and educating others because I firmly believe that knowledge is power. My educational and dedicated approach helps to calm the insurance jitters, and provide comfort to your final decision.

I know that deciding on health and life insurance can become very challenging.  Don't procrastinate until it’s too late. I will explain the why’s and the why not’s, and will also be forthcoming if I do not know the answer. If I do not know the answer, rest assured, I will find it for you.

It is not only my job, but my passion to make sure that your needs are met so I will personalized the best insurance option(s) for you.

 Absolutely all of my services are free to you.

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